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17 Feb 2017

CitizenM – London Trip 2017 – FMP Precedent Research

Yesterday I visited the CitizenM Hotel in Shoreditch, London to look at how the space is used, what functions exist within the space and the programme within the space. The exterior of the building is very bright, vibrant, modern and inviting. The use of the brightly coloured artwork reflects against the glass to create a beautiful and interesting artistic and creative exterior. This creativity is reflected throughout the interior space. About CitizenM “A collection of innovative concepts, citizenM is a […]

09 Feb 2017

Moritzburg Museum Extension by Nieto Sobejano Arquitectos – FMP Precedent

History of Moritzburg Castle The ancient castle of Moritzburg is located in the city of Halle, Germany and is an example of typical German Gothic military architecture at the end of the 15th Century. The building has had a turbulent history that is reflected in the multiple alterations that the caste has undergone. However, the building still maintains its original structure of its main architectural features including the surrounding walls, three out of four of the original round corner towers […]

28 Jan 2017

New Lab – “Offices Structured like College Campuses are Rejuvenating Workplace Design” – FMP Precedent Research

“Offices Structured like College Campuses are Rejuvenating Workplace Design.” I was at University, flicking through my tutors copy of FRAME Magazine, when something really interesting stuck out to me as I thought that it would be relevant to my final major project design of a Business and Hospitality Hub. “In the United States, corporations are employing the type of structure found on College Campuses to stimulate innovative thinking.” New Lab The Building In 2011, the President of the Brooklyn Navy Yard […]

07 Dec 2016

Himitsu – Tom Dixon – FMP Precedent

Tom Dixon has created a cocktail den that explores texture, distortion and reflection. Himitsu is a dark and mysterious cocktail bar located in Atlanta, USA and is a hospitality project designed by Tom Dixon’s Design Research Studio. The atmospheric lounge area with its many textures and vivid colour palette was mostly inspired by Japanese Mixology, American Prohibition and a painting by Todd Murphy – The King of Birds. The design concept juxtaposes sleek and smooth metallic surfaces with more rough […]

22 Nov 2016

LUX Night Club Interior – FMP Precedent

LUX Interior and Set My Thoughts and Why I have chosen it as a Precedent? Materials to Create Aesthetic – The back of Lucifer’s bar uses Alabaster that is lit from behind to illuminate the entire wall. There are glass shelves containing the bottles which makes them appear as if they are floating. I intend to have a couple of bars within my building – a rooftop bar and possibly a basement bar. Lucifer’s bar has an impact through its use […]