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A Restaurant over a Cliff – Envies De Terroir

Hi everyone,

I have just returned from a camping trip around France which I took as a valuable opportunity to have a look at some French interior design and architecture… but obviously I was taking the opportunity to eat a lot of food as well because interior design and food are two of my favourite things.

This is my second post of many. This time I would like to share my evening at Rocamadour – one of the most amazing places that I have visited in my life. So I saw this pretty looking restaurant “Envies De Terroir” and decided that we were having a drink and a crepe.

We sat outside where there is an amazing view from the terrace that hangs over the edge of the cliff very high up. I nervously sat at the edge eating my crepe and getting some pictures of the interior design from the terrace.

I really like the interior design of this restaurants because of the colour, patterns and textures that have been used. I like that the colour palette has been limited to black, white and red with a small amount of gold and grey. Also I like that the pattern has been used in accents and there is not too much of it as it is just on the chairs and some of the lampshades. Additionally; a bit of texture has been added through some of the surfaces, mainly some of the chairs and tables. Overall, I think that the interior design is elegant as it has been kept relatively simple and does not confuse the eye.

Being someone that considers myself relatively scared of heights, I slowly adapted and think that my fear may have lessened dramatically from this experience. The nervous part mainly came from the fact that the overhanging terrace was sloping ever so slightly further towards the edge. The restaurant must have lost a lot of cutlery. I love the pattern and texture on the outdoor tables. I would love to go back here.

More posts from my trip will follow shortly with a further look at some French interior design.

Have you ever been anywhere that you loved, but scared you slightly at the same time?

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