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13/15 Guildhall Road – Northampton

These are photographs from my site visit to 13-15 Guildhall Road in Northampton. I have lots of other interior photographs, but I wanted to highlight some of the original Victorian features of the building.

13-15 Guildhall Road are late Victorian buildings. 13 Guildhall Road used to be the home of the local Chief Constable of the town. More recently it was considered for council use and then for the police museum, however was found to be unsuitable for these purposes. 15 Guildhall Road was more recently used as costume storage for the Royal and Derngate Theatres.

It has proved difficult to find information on 13-15 Guildhall Road, there was almost nothing online, nothing in the library archives and nothing in the county archives.

The buildings have now gained planning permission for a hotel and bistro, which I am designing for an assignment at University. I intend to keep as many original features as possible. The staircase is one of the most beautiful staircases that I have ever seen, I have photographs of some of the detailing above. The arches look amazing and will make the hotel look really luxurious and grand. This building has real potential to have an interior beautiful in form and function.

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