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13/15 Guildhall Road – The Rose Concept

My concept is based on the Rose. I chose this as my concept because Northamptonshire is known as the Rose of the shires and the client would like to include Northamptonshire within the design. I also noticed that the pattern on the staircase had a resemblance to certain breeds of roses.

I thought that it would be important to link roses back to India and Sweden as the client is of Indian Heritage and has lived in Sweden. These influences will bring together a cultural fusion. In Sweden, they use roses in cooking and wine making. Roses have been in India since the beginning. Legend says that the Gods Brahma and Vishnu who reside in the Himalayas were having an argument about which was the most beautiful flower, Brahma favoured the Lotus, while Vishnu favoured the rose, but after seeing Vishnu’s celestial garden, Brahma conceded that the rose was the most beautiful flower.

I have selected my colour scheme from photographs that I took of some of my roses in the garden, I have chosen Magenta, Sunny Yellow and a Bright Orange. They are bright in colour for Indian Influences and will add bursts of colour for the Swedish Influence.


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