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15 Amazing Co-Working Spaces in London

Co-Working spaces are becoming increasingly popular internationally, including the UK with London as one of the most vibrant and alive cities in the world when it comes to business and creativity. Below is just a taste of what London has to offer with Co-Working spaces, there are hundreds more in London alone, with many many more around the UK.

1. We Work

(Image property of We Work – Old Street London)

2. Central Working

(Image property of Find Me a Work Space)

3. Work Life

(Images property of Work Life)

4. Huckletree

5. Interchange

(Image property of Interchange)

(Images property of Office Loving)

6. The Trampery

7. The Collective

8. Rainmaking Loft

9. Tech Hub

(Image property of Tech Hub)

10. Innovation Warehouse

(Image property of Innovation Warehouse)

11. Campus London

(Campus, London – Google)

12. Bathtub2Boardroom

(Bathtub2Boardroom, Central and East London)

13. The Greenhouse London

(Greenhouse, Islington, London)

14. THECUBE London

(TheCUBE, London)

15. Level39

(L39 – Canary Wharf Group – Designed by Gensler)

More Information…

For more information on London Co-Working spaces, please visit the link provided below:

Next Steps in Research…

There are a few co-working spaces that I would like to look at in a bit more detail, some from the list above and some from other research. I would particularly like to look at We Work and Interchange from the list above. The ones that I write about in more detail will also include a discussion about how they relate to my final project as precedents.

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