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A Restaurant with a Beautiful View – Le Montsorelli

Hi everyone,

I have just returned from a camping trip around France which I took as a valuable opportunity to have a look at some French interior design and architecture… but obviously I was taking the opportunity to eat a lot of food as well because interior design and food are two of my favourite things.

Le Montsorelli Restaurant Montsoreau

This is my third post of a series of posts relating to my visit to France. This is showing the interior design of Le Montsorelli restaurant in Montsoreau. Firstly I have shown an exterior photograph showing the restaurant in a beautiful location by the river and the interior will now follow.

I really like the interior design of this restaurant firstly because it is in such a beautiful location overlooking the river and the beautiful chateau, unfortunately it was raining so we were unable to sit outside, but the interior is just as beautiful and enabled me to look out through the glass window wall and the large glass doors so I could still see the amazing view. I also really liked that I could see the chefs cooking my meal through the window in their outdoor kitchen area.

With the interior itself, I really liked how the colour palette was kept to a minimum using purple, black, grey and white within the stone architecture. The purple against the stone along with all of the other elements like the table setting, the curtains, the metal, the glass and the modern elements provide a very elegant interior which complements the restaurants high standard of food. Even the choice of glassware and cutlery on the tables adds to the elegance and sophistication of the restaurant and its interior design.

The only thing that I would possibly add if I were the interior designer for the restaurant is some elegant paintings to match the colour scheme on the stone walls where the posters are. These paintings could reflect the history, the activities and the tourism within Montsoreau as the posters do. This would add another level of sophistication to the interior design of the restaurant.

There will be a few more posts about interior design in France to follow. If you are thinking of visiting France, I would highly recommend Montsoreau and Le Montsorelli as the food and service is amazing. I fully intend to go back as I loved the whole experience.

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