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A Trip To Banbury Antiques Centre October 2020

A Trip To Banbury Antiques Centre

I really love a trip to Banbury Antiques Centre. On the way to visit potential new clients today who are really lovely, I had a little bit of spare time, so I decided to visit Banbury Antiques Centre in Wardington. This is somewhere that I went quite a lot before lockdown and I have bought many lovely things from here in the past. It’s amazing to find so many interesting things in one place. I just thought I’d pick a few things out to show you today.


I really love places like this and I’m so thankful that they exist. You can find some really unique and interesting antique and vintage items that not many people have. There is also something different to look at every time I go in there, and I always fall in love with so many things.

It’s amazing to be able to find something new every time you look. I love the gold female figurine on the top right corner of the picture below. I think it would be a lovely decorative piece for a sideboard in a modern interior.


Then I even spotted a couple of items that are really popular in interior design at the moment, a black and gold round mirror (minus me in a face mask). I love decorative wall mirrors. They are one of my favourite things to finish off an interior. And horse sculptures – animals are really popular at the moment and one of my recent clients loved the animal influence in their interior design.


There are so many beautiful vintage items that could be used either in a traditional style interior. Or even to add something vintage or classic to a more modern interior. I love TV shows like Escape to the Chateau as Angel and Dick really inspire me, especially when looking around antique and vintage shops. Last year, I was lucky enough to meet Angel at a trade show. I particularly like the style and shape of the chair below. I’ve actually been given a vintage chair similar to this recently and would love to upcycle it with a modern twist. (Hopefully I’ll get around to doing it and I’ll share some pictures). I am really looking forward to the project.


These lovely vintage tea cups really reminded me of how Angel does the most beautiful vintage afternoon tea set ups. I would love to do a vintage afternoon tea one day for my family. I actually bought some beautiful tea cups last year. It would be good to find an excuse to use them soon.


I really love the colour blue, it’s one of my favourite colours to use as an accent in interior design schemes, as it’s such a timeless colour. I also love these beautiful vintage floral patterns.


If you’re looking for good quality solid wood furniture, antique and vintage shops are a great place to look. I love older furniture as it is often very solid and will last forever.


There were also loads of vintage sewing machines and cameras which I thought were really beautiful. I would love to own a vintage sewing machine one day.


I am forming a bit of a candle stick collection at home. In the past, I have bought a few sets of candle sticks from here. You can never have too many. I have a bit of a thing for candle sticks…


And some interesting pictures. I really love these as vintage looking wall art for interior design.


I love antique shops. Whenever I have lunch with my friend Sarah, we always like to browse around antiques afterwards. Hopefully we will be doing more when life is back to normal.


Thank you for following my life as an interior designer. And for coming along with me on my interior design antiques visit. It’s wonderful to have you here. I’m really looking forward to going back soon in early 2021.

I’d love to know what your favourite item is, please comment below.

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  1. Sarah

    Great article Antonia
    Let me know next time you go and I’ll come along, I love a vintage rummage.

    1. Antonia Lowe

      Thank you Sarah.
      I’ll let you know next time I go as it will be lovely if you come with me.
      Banbury Antiques Centre is amazing with so many beautiful vintage things.
      You’ll really love it there.

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