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Albion Brewery Exploded Sketch Model Showing Internal Structure

This is a basic 1:200 exploded scale sketch model that I have produced to show the existing internal structure of the Albion Brewery building to help me get a good understanding of the space and enable me to decide if or how I would like to change or add to the existing building structure. The ceiling heights are exaggerated by around 4 times to make it easier to see into the model and the internal structure. I have put a few 1:200 scale figures into the model to give an idea of what the actual height would be. You can get an actual idea of the heights of the internal structure from my site photographs.

This has been made with card, printed plans on the paper to show some of the structure of the building and painted rods to show where things like pillars and I beams are located. Although it is quite a small model, it gives a good idea of the existing space, where the walls, windows and doors are located.

My final model will be laser cut at 1:50 scale and fully constructed with external walls and more detailed land gradient surrounding the side, along with any additions, extensions and alterations made to the building during the design process.

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