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Albion Brewery Panoramic Shots

These are some panoramic shots taken from the room at the top of the Albion Brewery that is surrounded by windows and has a glass roof. These are from two recent site visits, one during the daytime and one in the evening to see what the space is like in the day and night. I took a photograph from each window  to get an idea of the view from the space from each window.

Day Panoramic

Night Panoramic

Plan Showing Panoramic Photograph Points

This is a plan that I produced of the building as existing to show the different points where I took the photographs from to create the panoramic views above.

This is a very important space within the building as this is currently where the most natural sunlight is able to enter the building. This is important for my project as I am planning to use this space for the restaurant / bar area within the creative business and hospitality hub. Additionally, my concept is likely to be light which will likely involve getting as much natural light as possible into the building.

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