Are Bigger Super Yachts Becoming More Popular?

I have heard from articles on the internet and television shows that the demand for larger super yachts is increasing, especially over the last few years. UK yacht companies are a great inspiration. So I decided to carry out a bit of research online to prove that more and more yachts are being bought.








From 2010-2014, yacht purchases were on the increase, there was a very minor dip in sales in 2015, but there is a possibility that that sales will increase in 2016 as there have already been 108 sales in 2016 and it is only a third of the way through the year. And it is not even Summer yet.


We are trying to analyse whether larger yacht sales are on the increase.


From 2010-2012, the yacht sizes purchased were getting larger reaching 139m as the largest yacht sold in 2012. Then in 2013, the largest sold was 77.7m, but then increased again to 139m in 2015. Based on this and the fact that there is two thirds of the year left, it is possible that there will be a larger super yacht sold. The company in the television programme that I watched suggested that there will be a larger market for larger super yachts this year, with them gaining orders for their larger range of yachts. Additionally; there are yacht manufacturers that can produce super yachts exceeding 160m and 180m.

So are bigger super yachts on the increase?

Evidence says YES, BUT we will have to wait until the end of 2016 to find out.


For more statistics, please go to:

The register of the worlds largest super yachts is available at:–25027

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