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Autumn Fair 2019

Autumn Fair 2019

Today I visited the 2019 Autumn Fair at the NEC in Birmingham with my lovely friend Louise. (Who also makes all of the beautiful soft furnishings for my interiors). I wasn’t sure whether to go as I had already been to the Spring Fair earlier in the year, but I’m happy that I went today. Again, I mainly focused my attention on the Home section of the show, which always seems to end up being my favourite hall of the show.

I still haven’t found the sense to take a suitcase on wheels for all the brochures and ended up carrying bags of them around, but luckily I didn’t end up with as many as I usually do. The Autumn Fair seems a lot smaller than the Spring Fair, but more manageable on my feet for walking around.


Autumn Fair Highlights

Now to show you my favourite highlights of the 2019 Autumn Fair. There were quite a lot of stands that I loved, so I’m just going to show you my favourites. As you can probably see, they are the usual suppliers, but there are a few others included.

Please let me know which stand or item is your favourite…



The Libra stand was the first one that I visited today and it had so many amazing things that I would really love to use in some of my interiors. They have used really lovely colours and patterns in their designs.

The mirrors were just stunning.


Fifty Five South

Just like at the Spring Fair, the Fifty Five South stand was one of my favourites and had so many lovely things that I could so easily find myself using in one of my interiors. So many stunning home accessories.

Such lovely patterns on their home accessories.


Light & Living

The Light & Living stand always has such beautiful light fittings and so many to choose from. This time my favourites were a set of different neutral and wire light fittings, and I also love the mirror behind them.

So many amazing light fittings and lamps to choose from.


Culinary Concepts

The Culinary Concepts stand had so many amazing things as usual. My favourite item was a light fitting that they had above an emerald green seat. I also loved a trio of metal candle holders and some ball lights which would be lovely as Christmas decor.

Although I love loads of things on this stand, if I had to buy something now, it would be the candle holders. I love them.


Authentic Models

The thing that drew me to the Authentic Models stand was all of the colourful hot air balloons. At the moment I’m obsessed with hot air balloons for some reason. I always seem to have a bit of a wild card favourite at trade shows and this is my one for the Autumn Fair 2019.

I even loved the little leaflet card that they gave me with hot air balloons all over it. I’ll definitely be keeping that and probably displaying it somewhere. I’d love to get my hands on one of these hot air balloon models.


It was a really lovely day browsing around the 2019 Autumn Fair and I think I’m all ready for Autumn now. I have to say that I’m feeling very Autumnal right now and very inspired. I’m still looking forward to the 2020 Spring Fair as well though.

To see more pictures of the show, please visit our Facebook Page Antonia Lowe Interiors where there will be an album titled Autumn Fair 2019.

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