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Balluga: The Worlds Smartest Bed – Kickstarter

“Never have a bad night’s sleep again – Balluga sets your ideal temperature, gives you the perfect support and even stops you snoring.”

The founder Joe Katan has been working on developing the product and the technology behind the product since late 2010 when he found that there was nothing on the market to address sleep issues.

Balluga is attempting to utilise modern design and technology to manufacture beds that we have full control over. The air cell suspension system allows you to control the firmness – softer than a spring and lasts as new for the lifetime of the product. It also has Climate control that uses the ambient air already in the room which can then be heated or used as cooling ventilation. The Vibro Massage function works on the pressure points rather than the whole bed. The bed has a courtesy light to allow one person to get out of bed easily without disturbing the other person. The Anti Snoring system incorporates the air cell suspension system that changes the angle that you sleep when it detects snoring through the snoring monitor.

I decided to look at this product as it is relevant to interior design as I am interested in biophilic design – designing for wellbeing and I think that this product would fit in with this. I also like that the company has thought of absolutely everything that is useful for sleep and useful functions for a bed. It is amazing how the bed just looks like a normal bed with all of the technology being invisible so the aesthetic of any bedroom interior can be maintained.

This is a very successful Kickstarter product as it is 234% funded consisting of $117,056 and still has time to go until the pledging date ends. For something to be successful, people have to buy into the idea of it and I think that based on these figures alone, the company will probably be successful. Additionally; a lot of people suffer with sleep issues such as being too hot or too cold, snoring and comfort, so if the product works in the way stated, people will buy it and the business will be successful. I’m guessing that this product would be quite expensive to buy based on the information given, however would be a small price to pay for a good night’s sleep.

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