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Blacksheep Hospitality Design

“Extraordinary hospitality design fuelled by the power of creative solutions.”

For my presentation, I looked at Blacksheep Hospitality Design located in Vine Hill, London near to Clerkenwell. The company was started in 2002 by Tim Mutton and has quickly established itself as a Global expert in hospitality design. Their portfolio includes restaurants, bars, hotels, clubs and retail with clients including Gordon Ramsay, Jamie Oliver, Raymond Blanc, The Ritz, Wagamama, Fairmont, Four Seasons, Nando’s and Novotel.

Some examples of their work that I particularly like are Wedgewood and Bentley at Harrods which is a luxury retail environment within Harrods that communicates Wedgewood’s unique heritage while engaging the consumer in its story. I like how the design is created to interpret elements of traditional Georgian interior design and furniture in a modern way. For me, this is a very inspirational design as I really like the combination of classic and contemporary.

Another example of their work that I particularly like is Boujis in Hong Kong. The aim was that the strong UK brand was successfully translated into the new Hong Kong market with response to the cultural differences while creating a unique experience. Zones have been created within the space to allow for ambiance changes, from cocktails in the early evening to the transformation into a nightclub at night. The design brings sophistication, elegance, attention to detail while remaining inherently British. It is a blend of traditional British design, executed in a more contemporary manner.

As an Interior Architecture student, the things that I like about Blacksheep are that it is a very aspirational company to work for as commercial design, in particular hospitality design is the path that I aim to go down. The company covers a wide variety of commercial hospitality design with a range of different styles. All of the spaces that they have designed are very exciting and welcoming with a lot of time and detail going into every aspect of every design. I cannot find a single thing that I do not like about any of their designs, every design is completely stunning in both form and function.

(All photographs are the property of Blacksheep).

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