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Blacksheep Hospitality Design – History

Blacksheep Hospitality design was started in 2002 by Tim Mutton in Vine Hill, London (Near to Clerkenwell). Blacksheep quickly established itself as a global expert in Hospitality Design and have won many awards for their design work. Blacksheeps portfolio includes Hotels, Restaurants, Bars, Clubs and Retail with clients including Gordon Ramsay, Jamie Oliver and The Ritz.

Kismet Park Hotel – Hyderabad, India

Previous to this, since 1995, Tim Mutton worked in other design practices and then founded Blacksheep and is now a leading authority in the Hospitality Design sector. Part of the key to his success is his passion for design combined with in depth knowledge of the hospitality sector that includes knowledge of the practical, business and operational aspects of the industry.

I would conclude that Tim Mutton has created the most high profile hospitality design practice in the UK with an outstanding portfolio of work that delivers outstanding hospitality experiences as well as creating interiors that are look beautiful aesthetically.

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