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Casa Brutale – OPA

This is a concept for a design that has not been created yet, constructed out of concrete, set into the cliffs above the Aegean Sea. The aim of the design of the house is to be modest and making no impact beyond the surface swimming pool and a set of steps. The descent down the steps brings you to the main feature of the house which is the large glass facade that sits flush with the cliff face, overlooking the Aegean Sea. This view can be seen throughout the entire house. The ceiling of the house is a skylight which is topped with the swimming pool, so that when looking up, you are looking through water. This is obviously constructed using reinforced glass. The skylight is the only other window in the house, diffusing the sunlight through the water to soften the hard surfaces of the building.

OPA has chosen to restrain the rest of their design to make the views of the water a focal point. They have used simple raw concrete surfaces and slabs with aged wood and steel. There is an open living area around the main stairs and a master bedroom on a mezzanine.

I really like this design as I like an outstanding view from windows and what could be better than watching the sunset over the horizon by the sea. The materials are a great choice, however, I would try to soften it with some white and natural furniture, but still keeping with the modern look. I really like the infinity pool overlooking the sea, this is another example where OPA has ensured that water can be seen from every space within the house. My only slight issue is and is not with the location, although I love the location, I would be slightly concerned with safety as cliffs can erode, however I am sure a structural engineer has looked into this.

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