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13 Apr 2016

Delapre Abbey Stables – Drop for the Exhibition

This is my drop that will be used for the end of year exhibition. I have made a few minor adjustments to my final presentation drop for the exhibition. I have added more context to the plan of the site and changed my bar detailing to one larger view that shows the bar in section and how the space is used. I am looking forward to having my work in the exhibition along with my final laser cut model. Additionally, […]

11 Apr 2016

Contextual Research – Exhibition Drops

These are the three contextual research drops that I have produced for the exhibition to show the visitors where we have visited as interior design students at the University of Northampton to carry out our contextual research for projects.

24 Mar 2016

Final Model – Gin Distillery and Bar

This is my final presentation model at 1:50 scale of the gin distillery and bar. I produced this using Vectorworks and the laser cutter. I used thick white card for the walls and the interior elements of the space.

24 Mar 2016

Final Site Model

This is my 1:200 site model produced using Vectorworks and the laser cutter.

22 Mar 2016

Gin Visuals

These are the visuals that I have produced of the gin distillery, gin tasting area and the bar area using Vectorworks and Photoshop.