Category : Life of an Interior Design Student

11 Nov 2015

Interior Design Purchases

As an interior design student, you are going to end up wanting good looking pieces for your home even if they don’t quite fit with your accommodation. I have made a couple of purchases from the Banbury Antique Centre which would probably fit more with a stately home, but I liked them, so I was having them anyway. Antique Mirror This is the antique mirror that I bought from Banbury Antiques Centre. It is around 100 years old and is […]

14 Jun 2015

Homemade Light Box – Tip

I have been working on A2 paper a lot and I cannot photocopy in A2 and light boxes are expensive, so I made my own. I have a very large fish tank (minus the fish obviously) that I picked up from FreeCycle, so I placed it on its side and placed a spotlight lamp inside it. Now I am able to trace larger pieces of work that I need copies of. And it works just as well as an expensive […]