Category : The Urban Room

12 May 2016

Presentation Day

My presentation area (apologies for my phone picture quality):

11 May 2016

Presenting Northampton Urban Room

This is my presentation drop for the Urban Room which I will be presenting tomorrow morning. I am generally quite pleased with it as it shows my design concept and how I got to it and gives an idea of how people will interact with the space. If your looking for interior Design Northampton, make sure you check out Antonia Lowe Interiors inspiration portfolio. Antonia Lowe would love to offer you a free interior design consultation, so please feel free […]

10 May 2016

Visualising the Urban Room – A Perspective View

These are some of the visuals that I have produced for my Urban Room project. The visuals show what the Urban Room is and how people interact with it. These have been produced using a combination of Vectorworks and Photoshop. Out of all the visuals that I have ever produced, these are probably my favourite.

09 May 2016

The Urban Room CAD Model – Learning New Modelling Skills

This is my CAD model for the Urban Room that I have produced using Vectorworks. I had to learn some new modelling skills for this, especially for the structure made up entirely of cylinders on their side. I also learned how to make 3D text and to curve it vertically around a curved wall. Additionally; I have experimented more with the lighting features than I have previously and I think this is one of the best rendered CAD models that […]

08 May 2016

Modelling the Urban Room

This is my physical model of Northampton Urban Room at 1:20 scale. It has been made using thick white card, green plastic and green tracing paper. This model was a real challenge to make as I haven’t really dealt with curved or circles before, especially in model making. Overall I am pleased with it, even with the absence of the laser cutter, hand cut has turned out quite well. And I think that it¬†gives a good representation of my design […]