Category : Office Interiors

18 Feb 2017

Hongkou Soho by Kengo Kuma – FMP Precedent

Hongkou Soho by Kengo Kuma is 2016 Best of Year Winner for Commercial Building/Lobby. This building was designed for the property developer Soho China. It is a 29 storey building that contains offices with a shared space on the ground floor. The Interior The ground floor of the building is a shared space which gives glimpses onto the street through the stripped facade. The building therefore becomes open and linked to the outside. It is a gentle connection that is expressed […]

16 Feb 2017

Mother – London Trip 2017 – FMP Precedent Research

Today I visited Mother, a leading independent creative agency based in London. The purpose of the trip was to look at Mother’s office interior design, how the office space is used, the programme of the building and how it functions. The Ground Floor The ground floor of Mother is a multipurpose space that consists of a reception area, a bar / coffee / food service area, communal tables for eating / drinking / working / meetings, multiple comfortable seating areas […]

28 Jan 2017

New Lab – “Offices Structured like College Campuses are Rejuvenating Workplace Design” – FMP Precedent Research

“Offices Structured like College Campuses are Rejuvenating Workplace Design.” I was at University, flicking through my tutors copy of FRAME Magazine, when something really interesting stuck out to me as I thought that it would be relevant to my final major project design of a Business and Hospitality Hub. “In the United States, corporations are employing the type of structure found on College Campuses to stimulate innovative thinking.” New Lab The Building In 2011, the President of the Brooklyn Navy Yard […]

07 Jan 2017

The Living Staircase – Ampersand London – Paul Cocksedge – FMP Precedent

The Living Staircase This living staircase was designed by Paul Cocksedge for the Ampersand office conversion in London. The building is a four story Landmark building which has been converted into top quality offices for the creative class. Paul Cocksedge is known mainly for lighting design that “pushes the boundaries of material, form and technology”. He has moved beyond lighting and lamps for this office project, but maintains his skill in pushing the boundaries and has harnessed light from the […]

02 Dec 2016

Co-Work – Texas – FMP Precedent

“Community / Collaboration / Coworking Building Real Communities.” Co-Work is located in the centre of Tyler in Texas with a 3800 foot work space available and is located on the 2nd floor of the Wadel Connally Building. The Space The space offers everything that is required to work at optimal levels. There are more than 30 seats offering flexible working space, 12 dedicated desk spaces, private offices, meeting rooms, team offices, lounge, kitchen, dining space and conference room. The conference room is […]