Category : Lighting

14 Nov 2015

Town Hall Hotel – Lighting

This is some of the lighting around the hotel that I really liked. These lights are real statement pieces, they are very heavy and a lot of work has gone into making these.

14 Jun 2015

Bruce Munro

Bruce Munro is an artist that works with light. Some of his installations are made from basic materials such as empty plastic bottles. I find it amazing how something so beautiful can be created using something that is usually basically rubbish. All of his work has such a mystical feel about it. I really like all of his work and think that the designs that he creates with light are beautiful.

14 Jun 2015

Cerith Wyn Evans

Lighting by Cerith Wyn Evans at the Serpentine Sackler Gallery in London. I went for a visit and I was fascinated by the exhibition. I have added pictures of some of my favourite pieces of lighting.