Category : Design Inspiration

14 Jun 2015

Giger Bar – Chur Switzerland

This is the Giger Bar in Chur, Switzerland. The bar was originally planned to be located in New York City, however the budget would not allow for the design and construction elements that had been planned for the bar, so is now located in Chur, Switzerland. The construction took two years and opened in 1992. The Giger Bar in Chur reminds me of a design that has taken the Alien movies by Ridley Scott as a precedent for the space. […]

14 Jun 2015

Leonid Afremov

This is one of my favourite artists. His use of colour and the visible brush stokes are amongst one of the most beautiful things that I have ever seen. The light that he creates amongst the colour combined with perspective creates the reality that I’m sure we would all like to live in. His art works perfectly in both warm and cold colours, often using opposite colours on the colour wheel to bring out each of the opposite colours. It […]

14 Jun 2015

Trip to Williams

As a Summer project at University, I will be making a model of the entrance and reception of Williams. I was invited there to measure up and took lots of photographs to allow me to complete my project. It will consist of some plans and sections, drawings, a scale model of the existing space and a scale model of a newly designed space. I think that it is important for me to do site surveys of commercial spaces as it […]

08 Jun 2015

Sleep Boxes

Sleep boxes are used as hotels and rest areas for businesses and in public places. I am looking more specifically at sleep boxes for hotel use. There is a sleep box hotel in Moscow, Russia that was built by Arch Group in 2013. It is a 16 bedroom, award winning modern hotel that offers a new innovative style of micro accommodation. It is expanded from the original idea of allowing travellers to sleep and rest in busy environments. There is […]

21 May 2015

Clerkenwell Design Week 2015

Inspirational pictures taken at Clerkenwell Design Week. My favourite being the Renault Car Exhibition who were also the sponsors of the event. There were many inspirational interior design piece throughout the exhibition and I have collected many catalogues from different companies that show my favourite pieces and give me inspiration for my future in the industry. I took a great deal of inspiration from the lighting designers as they showed very different, unique and exciting pieces that I had not […]