Category : Design Inspiration

10 May 2015

Trip to Red Bull

For my Visual Studies assignment, I was able to choose any space to work with and make a scale model of. I chose the reception space at Infiniti Red Bull Racing Formula 1. I contacted them and was invited to measure their reception area so that I could make the model. When I had finished, I went back to show them the model and get photographs. It was an amazing experience for me, especially as I like working with large […]

11 Mar 2015

Making of City LIFE’s ‘Metabolic City’ by Jean-Marc Emy

This was the winning entry for the CityLIFE challenge competition. I find this very interesting because the design is a more modern version of the metabolic city which was inspired by metabolism. It is almost the futuristic metabolic city that would not necessarily exist yet. It reminds me of something from a movie, in particular Blade Runner. It appears as if it has the potential to be a multi-functional environment. This has the potential to be a living environment with […]