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04 Sep 2017
Historic brick bakery interior with modern installation of 12,000 magenta pink wooden rods hanging from the ceiling.

Pan Y Pasteles Bakery Is Pretty In Pink

PAN Y PASTELES MADRID BY IDEO ARQUITECTURA If you love the colour pink and pastries, you’ll absolutely love this bakery interior design. Sometimes a simple well executed concept can make a magnificent impact. This is definitely the case with Pan y Pasteles Bakery, which is located near Madrid in the city of Alcala de Henares. This stunning pretty in pink design was produced by the Ideo Arquitectura studio; by the founder architect and designer Virginia del Barco. The 150-year-old building was […]

30 Aug 2017

The Glade – Sketch Immerses Diners In An Enchanted Fantasy Realm

The Glade – Sketch Immerses Diners In An Enchanted Fantasy Realm The Glade in Sketch, London transports its visitors to an beautiful enchanted fantasy land. Nestled away in the chic Mayfair neighbourhood, Sketch opened its doors to visitors in 2002 to offer both newcomers and connoisseurs rich and exciting experiences centred around food, drink, art and music. The polyvalent site of Sketch features multiple areas, each with different interesting visuals: the Lecture Room and Library, the Parlour, the East Bar, the […]

20 Aug 2017

10 Best Interior Design Magazines In The UK

For the 10 best interior design magazines in the UK you have definitely come to the right place. From a very contemporary modern look to a classic traditional style to the ultimate luxury feel, the most affordable interior design ideas to the inspiring opulent luxury homes, these are the 10 best interior design magazines in the UK. These are perfect for interior design inspiration and for those who love flicking through beautiful glossy interior design magazines. If you are always looking best interior design or […]

11 Aug 2017

The Beautiful Dordogne

The Beautiful Dordogne The beautiful Dordogne is one of my favourite regions of France and I was lucky enough to visit this beautiful region last year with my Boyfriend while driving and camping around part of France. I loved the Dordogne so much that I wanted to stay forever and I am hoping to go back to visit this year. Not only is the countryside beautiful, the houses are also; and as an interior designer, a permanent move to the Dordogne […]

02 Aug 2017

A Beautiful Warwickshire Town Leamington Spa

A Beautiful Warwickshire Town Leamington Spa Royal Leamington Spa is a beautiful and prosperous town within the heart of Warwickshire. A beautiful Warwickshire town Leamington Spa with a population of around 50,000, Leamington Spas growth was largely due to its natural spa springs that were discovered and commercialised during the nineteenth century. Royal Leamington Spa is a very sophisticated, fashionable and elegant town located within the heart of South Warwickshire. With the elegant Georgian and Victorian architecture, and picturesque tree-lined […]