Category : Design Inspiration

28 Nov 2016

Deskopolitan – MoreySmith – FMP Precedent

“MOVE IN. MOVE UP” “Deskopolitan, these are not spaces to work but spaces to succeed! Finally, integrate a community that shares your values.” “Deskopolitan is a natural cocoon that adapts to every step of the life of companies, an unparalleled service offer that no Parisian space offers!” – Mathias Monribot, founder of the incubator Le Petit Poucet – Deskopolitan is located at the Water Tower building in Paris at Rue du Château d’Eau. It was a former factory building which has […]

27 Nov 2016

Camden Collective – FMP Precedent Research

Collective is a registered charity that offers work spaces, courses and collaboration for the growing Creative Community in Camden. Collective is migratory and it builds on its legacy of successfully and effectively acquiring and re-purposing vacant and disused spaces. Collective provides free hot-desking spaces and subsidised office spaces for startups and offers training academies in creative and digital skills. Being a part of Collective has meant many things to many people, this includes pop up shops, career development and commissioning […]

22 Nov 2016

LUX Night Club Interior – FMP Precedent

LUX Interior and Set My Thoughts and Why I have chosen it as a Precedent? Materials to Create Aesthetic – The back of Lucifer’s bar uses Alabaster that is lit from behind to illuminate the entire wall. There are glass shelves containing the bottles which makes them appear as if they are floating. I intend to have a couple of bars within my building – a rooftop bar and possibly a basement bar. Lucifer’s bar has an impact through its use […]

20 Nov 2016

Wework – FMP Precedent

The Wework Mission – The Story “TO CREATE A WORLD WHERE PEOPLE WORK TO MAKE A LIFE, NOT JUST A LIVING” (Wework, Berkeley, United States of America) Wework was started in 2010 by Miguel McKelvey, Adam Neumann and Rebekah Neumann with the aim to build more than simply beautiful, shared office spaces. Wework wanted to build a community – “A place you join as an individual, ‘me’, but where you become part of a greater ‘we’.” Community is the catalyst for […]

30 Jul 2016

In Search of a Project Space – Phipps / Albion Brewery

I have recently been on another search for a building and space to use for my final major project at University. This is Phipps Brewery in Northampton. I have visited this building before where I had a tour of the inside of the building. Reflecting on the visit where I could see the interior space, this would make an ideal space for my final major project and fits with my idea. What I like about the building… I really like the […]