Category : Residential Interior Design

08 Jul 2016

The Swan Taps – Unique and Interesting Bathroom Design

This might be a bit of a random blog post, but it is interior design related I promise and it will be quite short and sweet. When in France I visited Chateau Brissac where I saw some really amazing and very different taps in one of the old bathrooms. I thought these were really unique and wanted to show everyone. Personally I feel that taps that are unique add more interest to the bath and I think that in the […]

10 Jul 2015

The VIPP Shelter – VIPP

This is the VIPP Shelter located in Denmark by VIPP. It is designed as a modern escape that is very powerful in its simplicity and with exquisite detailing. It is a 55m square steel building that it surrounded by trees and nature next to a tranquil lake that reflects the sky in the window facade.¬† The basic steel grid of the building structurally supports the building over two levels. The shelter consists of basic living elements serving a functional purpose […]

09 Jul 2015

V-Lodge – Reiulf Ramstad Arkitekter

All of the beautiful locations seem to be in Scandinavia. This is the V-Lodge located in Al, Norway in the mountains above the village amongst the winter ski tracks and the summer hiking tracks. It holds a family of around 5-6 and is designed around accommodating changes in family composition and the mix of generations for future years. The ambition of the project was to adapt to the existing topography and natural surroundings. The form, program and materials of the […]

05 Jul 2015

Casa Brutale – OPA

This is a concept for a design that has not been created yet, constructed out of concrete, set into the cliffs above the Aegean Sea. The aim of the design of the house is to be modest and making no impact beyond the surface swimming pool and a set of steps. The descent down the steps brings you to the main feature of the house which is the large glass facade that sits flush with the cliff face, overlooking the […]

28 Jun 2015

Kekkilia Green Shed – Linda Bergroth and Ville Hara

This is a project from 2011 built in Finland. It is a combination of a traditional garden shed and greenhouse that can also be used for relaxation. They are constructed using Finnish pine and toughened safety glass. Plants are able to grow easily here as it functions as a greenhouse. I really like the design, the idea and the location as I am really into gardening at the moment and I am currently designing and creating my garden. I do […]