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Choosing a Building for my Final Major Project

Today I went on a walk around Northampton as I need to choose a building to use for my final major project next year at University. I already have some in mind with some that appeal to me more than others. I found out today that to my disappointment the one that I wanted to use the most has been demolished recently. Luckily there are plenty of others to choose from. I have taken a series of photographs of buildings in Northampton that could potentially be good choices for the project.

Other than these buildings, I have quite a few others on my list to go and visit to take photographs of before I can make a final decision on which I would like to use. I will be going back to University at the end of September with a few options to explore before I choose.

Please have a look at my follow up post “The Building That Got Away” to see the building that I initially wanted to use before finding out that it had been demolished. There will be additional follow up posts as I make more trips to Northampton to look at buildings for my final major project.



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