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Circulation Tower – Glass Curtain Wall Method

The glazed circulation tower within my design will be constructed using the curtain wall method. The curtain wall method allows the glass to be applied to the structure in large uninterrupted areas which creates a consistent modern aesthetic to the facades. The glass curtain wall method is now used on many modern glass buildings around the world.

(Image property of Enclos)

(Image property of Uhabit)

For the construction of this glass circulation tower, it will use spiders to attach the glass to the steel structure of the building. Research also confirms that the glass curtain wall can be constructed as seamless triple glazing, which would benefit the building which is not currently insulated. Additionally this can be triple glazed smart glass which allows for changes in daylighting and temperature.

In my next post, I will show my detailing of the glass curtain wall with spiders which will be one of my construction details for my project.

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