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Co-Work – Texas – FMP Precedent

“Community / Collaboration / Coworking Building Real Communities.”

Co-Work is located in the centre of Tyler in Texas with a 3800 foot work space available and is located on the 2nd floor of the Wadel Connally Building.

The Space

The space offers everything that is required to work at optimal levels. There are more than 30 seats offering flexible working space, 12 dedicated desk spaces, private offices, meeting rooms, team offices, lounge, kitchen, dining space and conference room. The conference room is fully equipped with a large screen, white board and all the technology required within the space. Additionally, there are lots of relaxation spaces within Co-Work such as big leather sofas, full kitchen facilities, dining area and self service coffee and cake stands.


Co-Work has many facilities that allow their users to work freely and these facilities are free to its paying users. This includes; high speed WiFi, use of the postal address and postal facilities, lounge areas for relaxation and work, fully equipped conference room, business services for advice and assistance, office supplies including paper, pens, envelopes – the usual stuff.

The Co-Work Community

At Co-Work the mission is all about building a real community and they like to get to know their members. Sharing the Co-Work space and participating in events allows its members to potential business partners that may help their businesses to grow. Co-work also enables its members to make new friends and share collaborative experiences through co-working. Co-work also offers educational and social events and opportunities . It also helps to bring a work / life balance through bringing members together outside of the working environment and within the work context.

My Thoughts and Why I have chosen it as a Precedent?

I chose Co-Work as a precedent for my FMP because within my business and hospitality hub design, I am creating various work spaces within my design to allow users to choose where they would like to sit and the spaces that they would like to work in.

Seating – There are different seating arrangements throughout Co-Work which allow people to choose where they want to sit whether more formal office seating or more relaxed comfortable sofas. Like Co-Work, I would like to give people the option to choose where they want to work or relax. This is applicable to both the business side and the hospitality side of my hub design.

Work Space Options – Co-Work gives people the option of whether they wish to work in a shared space or private space. I would like to create different levels of privacy within the design of my business and hospitality hub.

For more information on Co-Work, please visit their website:

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