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Delapre Abbey Site Context

The first picture shows the Stables in relation to Delapre Abbey where it is clear that the site is set within a rural green area with fields and woodland. It could be easily imagined that this is in the countryside away from everything, but the reality is quite different.

The next two pictures show the Abbey and the Stables with a wider context showing that the site is a rural pocket within a built up town that is Northampton. It is situated in the meadows of the River Nene towards the South of Northampton.

The last picture shows the site context of the stable blocks where I will be designing a space. It can be seen that they are located close to the Abbey grounds on the South side, but are otherwise surrounded by more trees and green spaces. I have added the sun path with the sun rising in the East and setting in the West to show how the sun would affect the site. The image also shows how some of the shadows would fall and how the existing trees on the site would affect the sun path.

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