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Delapre Abbey Stables

These are my site photographs for my design project. The photographs are taken at Delapre Abbey at the stables which I need to come up with a design concept for. I need to include a gin distillery/micro brewery, a ceramic workshop, a glass slumping workshop and a perfumery. I will need to select one of the workshops to detail decide where the other three will go within the space.


The design will include appropriate production spaces for the workshops, administration and relaxation space and an engagement space for the public which could include a learning space, a bookable work space, a library archive resource, a display area, merchandise/retail area and sampling spaces.

Sustainability has to be considered within the design concept which is becoming more and more important in design. I think that using sustainable materials etc. will tie in really well with this project that includes artisan type workshops. I read somewhere that “sustainability is not only about the design, but the integrity of the designer.”

Personally, I really like the space that we have been given for the design project as it is a bit unusual and the exterior of the buildings are really quite beautiful and I think they will fit well with their uses. I like what I am being challenged to design as Industrial design is not something that I have thought too much about in the past, but on reflection, I can see that it is another branch of commercial design which really interests me.

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