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Designing the Question Cards – Design of the Cards

Design of the Cards

The beauty of the cards is that each is backed with a different cultural pattern or image related to the culture in which the question is relating to on the front. These will all be slotted together to create a structure of many cultural patterns. This reflects cultural connection. It is also a collaborative element of the game.

There will be a different pattern or image on the back of every card – the question on the other side of the card will relate to the culture that the pattern or image originates from.

These are my card backs that I have correctly sized to 80mm X 80mm and designed in InDesign reflecting many cultures:

(These will be cut to fit each shape when the cards are laser cut).

Please see my previous blog post in reference to the shape of my cards:

Blog posts will follow showing all of the cards assembled into the correct shapes and slotted together to form various different structures.

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