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Deskopolitan – MoreySmith – FMP Precedent


“Deskopolitan, these are not spaces to work but spaces to succeed!
Finally, integrate a community that shares your values.”

“Deskopolitan is a natural cocoon that adapts to every step of the life of companies, an unparalleled service offer that no Parisian space offers!”

– Mathias Monribot, founder of the incubator Le Petit Poucet –

Deskopolitan is located at the Water Tower building in Paris at Rue du Château d’Eau. It was a former factory building which has been repurposed to become a co-working space that consists of 1350m2, spread over four floors. Another Deskopolitan site is currently under construction in Voltaire, Paris, opening in early 2018 which will be an urban campus in the 11th arrondissement.

Services on Offer at Deskopolitan

“Deskopolitan, these are real places of life where you can not only work but also relax, play sports, eat, meet and even sleep. We have developed an exclusive range of services to facilitate your professional and personal life.”

There are many services on offer at Deskopolitan which makes it a very multi-functional space. As well as being a creative work space, it has many other services that function alongside it.

(The starred services are only currently available at the Voltaire Deskopolitan).


“For travelers, stop wasting time on transportation and even welcome your family and friends on weekends.”

This will be available to travellers to stay in while working at Deskopolitan. It allows them to stop wasting time on commuting and they are welcome to have their family and friends to stay at weekends.


“Say stop at the wrong sandwiches and frozen dishes, take a break in our restaurant for lunch or for a drink on the terrace.”

This will be available as an alternative to sandwiches and coffee shop food, giving customers the opportunity to sit down and eat fresh food on the terrace of the building for either lunch or dinner or just drinks.


“A healthy mind in a healthy body, start or end your day with a little exercise in our 1000 m2 fitness.”

There will be gym facilities available for use as exercise is proven to promote energy and a healthy mental wellbeing. There is plenty of space, so the facilities can be used by many people at the same time.


“Save time and avoid worries by depositing your child in our company nursery.”

The creche facilities will allow working parents to bring their child to work without the worries of being away from their child and it will save time in having to collect them. A really convenient service.


“Take a break by going to the barber or the hairdresser. Ladies, we also think of you with a Nails Bar.”

This is really convenient in saving time on the way home if you need to get your hair cut. Busy people do not always have time, so this could be something that could be done on a break or after work.


“No more coffee in plastic cups, enjoy a real Italian espresso every morning!”

The coffee shop is really useful because it saves time for busy people by having the service on site rather than them having to go out of the building five times a day to by coffee or tea or a cake. Yet another convenient service.


“Put your costume at the dry cleaner or your shoes at the coordinator directly at Deskopolitan reception.”

The concierge service is really useful for people with a busy lifestyle, the coordinator at the reception can help with the needs of individuals by taking clothes to the dry cleaners, booking transportation services etc.


“A haven of peace in the middle of the city with a local production of fruits and vegetables to feed the restaurant.”

The vegetable garden is a really useful addition to the restaurant in providing fresh locally sourced fruit and vegetables that can be prepared by the chefs in the restaurant.


“Are you a photographer or a craft or industrial activity? We have spaces perfectly adapted to your activity.”

Workshops and studios are really good creative spaces and these are on offer for creatives to use such as photographers and crafters. These spaces can even be tailored to individual requirements.


“Evacuate your bad vibrations with a yoga class or take a nap after lunch.”

A relaxation space is important as we cannot all work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, we need regular breaks to feel energised and stimulated. Additionally yoga is a great form of fitness and can help with relaxation.


“After a long journey or a jog, take a shower to be operational again.”

A very useful service if making use of the gym facilities before working or going to the restaurant. And sometimes a shower is just a good way to wake up and feel energised again.


“Book a locker to let your business and personal belongings safely. Three sizes available.”

A convenient space to keep additional belongings while in the creative work space. Very useful if using the other services such as the gym or to keep extra clothes for going to the restaurant in the evening.


There are also retail facilities on site for purchasing items such as books and stationery items that might be useful within the creative workplace. They even sell charging cables and mobile phone holders etc.

“Deskopolitan is one of the most advanced projects in terms of user experience! The human, architecture, services and connected equipment were thought from the first sketches to become one.”

– Pierre-André Svetchine, founder & CEO of –

Why is this a Precedent for my FMP?

Programme and Services – Deskopolitan has a lot of different services within its programme and I would like to provide a lot of these services within my programme as I am designing a creative business and hospitality hub which can be used by creative businesses and individuals with spaces for the pubic as well. Similarly to Deskopolitan, the services that I would like to provide are; workspaces – some more open and some more private, meeting areas, conference areas, restaurant, bar, gym for fitness with possible fitness classes, coffee facilities, lockers, cloakrooms, garden area possibly herbs and some vegetables for use in the restaurant, retail, workshops and studios, and possibly a small hotel facility or sleeping areas. Although I probably will not be going for things such as a barber shop, nail bar and creche, the creche mainly due to the size of my building not being big enough, I think they are very useful services. I will experiment with programmes and see what I can come up with for my design.

For more information on Deskopolitan, please visit their website:

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