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Devonshire, London – Private Members Club – Brasserie

The Devonshire Club is a private members club located in London. The club is very spacious and the club building comprises of an 18th Century former East India Company warehouse and a large Georgian townhouse. The main building is home to the principal rooms of the Devonshire Club and has its own boutique hotel consisting of 68 bedrooms and suites. Spread over 5 floors, at the heart of the club is a stunning 120 seat brasserie with a very large marbled seafood counter. The Champagne bar leads into a wonderful Garden Room, so the club has its very own secret garden. On the first floor there is the Library, the elegant Causerie, drawing room and a Cocktail Bar. There are also four private meeting/dining rooms. The building is also home to a well-equipped gym, weights room and yoga studio.

There is a curated cultural programme of events and entertainment which is designed to inform, inspire, and delight and offers exclusive access to an array of world-class performers, speakers, specialists and creatives from around the world. Therefore, the club really is an elegant addition to London life.

The Brasserie

The following images show the elegant and sophisticated brasserie with a beautiful design with accent colours of yellow, blue and red amongst the grey, the wood and the metallic elements of the design. Although yellow, blue and red are difficult colours to get right together, this has been done really well.

Why I looked at the Devonshire Club Champagne Bar as a potential Precedent for my FMP?

The main reason that I looked at the Devonshire Club Brasserie as a potential precedent for my FMP is that I really like the design and the layout of the space, as it has a range of different seating types and uses a complementary palette of materials which complement each other really well. I would like to create a restaurant / bar with different types of seating for my design for my final project.

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