Discussions with a Product Designer – RSA Additional Research

Prototype Number 2

Today I had a discussion with a Product Designer as to how my game should look and how it could be bought to market as a product. During the discussion, I made the decision to remake another prototype of my game “The Culture Tower”. In doing this, I will produce some thicker game pieces, a fordable game board with a graphic on the back and a box to put it all in.

Additional Design Work Required

Through speaking to the product designer, it was decided that there should be some stands to use to start the tower off at the base, so that the first game card does not have to lay down, it already starts the tower off. I will produce the stands using Solid Works and 3D print them for the purposes of a prototype.

Ideas for bringing to Market

We discussed various ideas on how it could be bought to market, one idea is to go into schools to sell the game, another is to go into schools and do a taught day with the game and if they like it, they can buy it. Other options include getting it into educational sales catalogues and educational sales websites.

Tomorrow, I will be having a discussion with a Graphic Designer to see what they think of my graphics.

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