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Eames House of Cards – Precedent for Board Game Cards – (RSA)

Last year I visited “The World of Charles and Ray Eames” exhibition at the Barbican Centre in London which displayed a lot of their work including The House of Cards which I am using as a precedent for my question cards for the board game that I am making for my RSA project.

Eames House of Cards

The Eameses designed the original small House of Cards in 1952 to show their appreciation of the “uncommon beauty of common things.” Eventually there were three different decks:

Small Deck – Animal, Mineral and Vegetable Kingdom. (Also available was the pattern deck).

Medium Deck – Patterns – Fabrics, Victorian Decoupage and Printed Papers.

Large Deck – Arts, Sciences and World Around Us.

(This allowed the cards to be used to make small, medium and large structures).

Whereas the Eame’s chose a single rectangular shape for their card design, I intend to use multiple shapes which I will design to be the same size to allow them to fit together correctly to enable the user to form a unique structure.

The designs on the back of my cards will include patterns from different cultures. Each relating to the culture of the question on the front of the card.

Please see my other blog posts for a full explanation of my card design:

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