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Effective Time Management – Planning My FMP – The Final 8 Weeks

Today I put together a plan for my final 8 weeks of my final major project at University. It needed to be done as I just felt really overwhelmed with the thought of the amount of work that I still had left to do. I just used a large piece of brown paper and stuck post it notes all over it that tell me what I need to do each day. Some of the items are already done, however I like to go back an check things to make sure that I have done them correctly. Irrelevant of my paranoia that things have to be right, this is a really useful tool for effective time management.

I have made a point of sticking it to the wall at the bottom of the stairs between the kitchen and the living room so that I have to walk past it and look at it every day numerous times. Yes it may be a bit of a mess and it may have a light switch hole cut out of it, but it does the job and serves a purpose. If you are doing a university project, I would strongly recommend that you come up with a plan like this as I can guarantee that the second you do it, you will feel much more optimistic about being able to complete the project in time.

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