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University of Northampton Student Interior Design Exhibition 2016

The University of Northampton is holding an Exhibition for Interior Design, Product Design and Architectural Technology in the gallery at Avenue Campus from 28th April – 6th May 2016. The exhibition showcases 1st and 2nd year work within the above subject areas showing the work that we produce at the University.


At opening night, I was very impressed with the look of the exhibition and how it all came together. There were many drops of students work, framed drawings, models and screens showing student work and blogs. I was very proud of all of us across the subject areas for the standard of the exhibition that we have produced.

Opening night was a particularly popular event with many attending including students who worked on the exhibition, other students, tutors, course leaders from other top universities, families and friends of students and people linked to the university.

Things that stood out for me

Interior Design

  • The way that all of the design drops looked visually both as individual drops and as a collective group of drops.
  • The collection of models in the exhibition.

Product Design

  • The layout of the drops.
  • The product designers hand rendering skills with rendering markers are outstanding. The collection of drawings on a large table was a good way of showing off their skills.

Architectural Technology

  • Their CAD rendering skills look close to realistic.
  • The work was laid out really well.

My work in the exhibition


The University of Northampton believes in the importance of showcasing the students work and allowing people from the relevant industries to see that work which makes the university one of the top institutions for student employability after graduation.

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