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Furniture Inspiration – Chairs and Seating

For the furniture for my co-working business and hospitality hub design, I have been looking at some furniture from different companies that I think I may like to use within my design as I need more formal and more informal relaxing seating also. I may not use all of the following, but these are the types of furniture that I would like to use within my design. I am probably going to go with the more monochrome colours; black, white, grey and then possibly some medium to dark wood.

Vitra – Eames’ Chairs

Eames’ chairs and furniture are timeless classics and come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. Having sat in the lounge chair and ottoman which is really comfortable and a very beautiful piece of furniture, I would like to include this amongst others within my design.

Lounge Chair and Ottoman

Aluminium Office Chair

Plastic Arm Chair DAR

Lobby Chair

Soft Pad Chaise

Soft Pad Chairs

(Images property of Vitra)

Fritz Hansen – Arne Jacobson Chairs

Arne Jacobson chairs are also timeless furniture classics and would fit really well next to the Eames’ chair designs. I really like using Arne Jacobson furniture in my designs as they are real feature pieces, as are the Eames’ pieces.

Grand Prix Chair

Egg Chair

Swan Furniture

(Images property of Fritz Hansen)

Tom Dixon Chairs

Tom Dixon chairs would tie in really well with the Eames’ chairs and the Arne Jacobson chairs. They are almost a modern interpretation of the timeless classic furniture and I believe one day will become timeless classic pieces.

Y Chair

Wingback Chair

Scoop Chair High Back and Scoop Chair Low Back

Fan Chair

(Images property of Tom Dixon)

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