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Giger Bar – Chur Switzerland

This is the Giger Bar in Chur, Switzerland. The bar was originally planned to be located in New York City, however the budget would not allow for the design and construction elements that had been planned for the bar, so is now located in Chur, Switzerland. The construction took two years and opened in 1992.

The Giger Bar in Chur reminds me of a design that has taken the Alien movies by Ridley Scott as a precedent for the space. It has clearly been very well designed and every detail has been considered in creating a completely out of this world environment. The interior design is that of an alien race, yet has a very modern feel about it.

Personally, I really like the bars, so there are now two in Switzerland and one in Tokyo. Giger hopes that one day, there will be a Giger Bar in New York City as planned. I would love to visit the bars in the future so that I could know what it feels like to be in the space rather than imagine.


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