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Giger Bar – Gruyeres Switzerland

This is the Giger Bar located in St. Germain, Gruyeres, Switzerland. It was themed and remodelled by the Swiss artist H.R. Giger and opened in 2003. The bar has an otherworldly interior with a cavernous, skeletal structure covered with arches that appear as vertebrae that cross the vaulted ceiling of the old castle.


The Giger Bar in Gruyeres still reminds me of the Alien movies and is feels like a reflection of the future of the Giger Bar in Chur after it has been abandoned for a few years and left to evolve into something new and different, giving a different feel to the interior. The interior is more that of a pre-historic alien race and this makes the interior very interesting.

Personally, I really like the bars, so there are now two in Switzerland and one in Tokyo. Giger hopes that one day, there will be a Giger Bar in New York City as planned. I would love to visit the bars in the future so that I could know what it feels like to be in the space rather than imagine.

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