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Himitsu – Tom Dixon – FMP Precedent

Tom Dixon has created a cocktail den that explores texture, distortion and reflection.

Himitsu is a dark and mysterious cocktail bar located in Atlanta, USA and is a hospitality project designed by Tom Dixon’s Design Research Studio. The atmospheric lounge area with its many textures and vivid colour palette was mostly inspired by Japanese Mixology, American Prohibition and a painting by Todd Murphy – The King of Birds.

The design concept juxtaposes sleek and smooth metallic surfaces with more rough and natural materials whilst retaining the existing industrial features and exposed structural elements of the space. The installation of the Tom Dixon Melt Pendents suspended in the central void creates a powerful first impression for any visitors arriving. The remaining interior space is furnished with sculptural pieces which cast shadows and create silhouettes.

Natural marble and smoked mirror tabletops are placed upon more industrial bases to explore texture, distortion and reflection through the contrast between rough and smooth.

The copper bar is illuminated to draw attention to the mixologists at the bar. Zoning is apparent in the interior of the space through creating various seating clusters and different light levels. This results in both open and intimate spaces for the lounge, the central space and the bar area.

My Thoughts and Why I have chosen it as a Precedent?

Materials – The materials that are used within Himitsu all have a wide variety of textures, both rough and smooth to create contrast. This is something that I would like to achieve in the space that I am designing. Also from working in industry as a student interior designer, I understand the importance of creating and building texture to bring a concept and scheme together.

Colour – In the interior of Himitsu, Tom Dixon uses a beautiful and vibrant colour palette to complement the textures that have been chosen. In my design, I hope to allow the colours that I select to complement the textures that I select.

Lighting – In Himitsu, Tom Dixon uses varying levels of light in order to create zoning within the space and to light key areas within the space such as the bar. As I will be designing bars in my building that will be used in the evenings, I would like to use this as a precedent for lighting.

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