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Holburne Museum – Eric Parry Architects – Glass Extension

I have been researching buildings that have had a glass extension added to them as I am considering using glass as a material for the extension of my building, (maybe combined with other materials). I would like to add a possibly a more modern extension to it, so it was important to look at what other architects have produced. I intend to look at a few buildings to see different architectural examples and implementations of glass additions and extensions.

(Image property of Eric Parry Architects)


The Holburne Museum was designed by Eric Parry Architects. The extension is constructed to appear very modern as a contemporary glass structure which is attached to a traditional abbey building. This combines the old traditional architecture with the new modern architecture. It has an interesting design element to it, from one side it looks like it is just the abbey on the site as if untouched and from the other side, only the modern glass structure can be seen.

(Image property of Eric Parry Architects)


From the interior of the modern space, a lot of light is able to enter because of all of the glass that has been used to construct it. I really like this architecture project as I like the idea of flooding parts of my chosen building with as much natural light as possible, however I do not want the building to overheat as my extension will be south facing. Therefore, I will need to look at other materials to use in combination with the glass.

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