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Home Design For The 21st Century

Home Design For The 21st Century

Written by Cassandra Starkey – Guest Writer

Home Design for the 21st Century recognises that we need our living spaces to be both flexible and beautiful. A study by Houzz found that 65% of people in Britain renovated their homes last year in order to improve functionality. A majority of 77% did so to improve the look, feel and overall design of their space. Combining these two needs can give you the home you have always wanted – a place that is both stylish and practical.

Making Multifunctional Rooms Elegant

Great 21st Century home design always considers how our living space has become multifunctional. For instance, the kitchen is no longer just the place we cook meals in – it is a central hub to the home. It is both the place where we host beautiful parties and also where parents sit and help children with their homework. The needs of the family should be tastefully incorporated into the home design, in order to make the space both multifunctional and elegant. For instance, you might wish to build a television into one of the kitchen walls, and install a comfortable seating area, away from the food preparation worksurfaces. It is also on trend to fit wireless speaker combinations, so you can eat an informal meal in the kitchen and listen to music or audiobooks at the same time. The right design details can make your multifunctional space sleek and beautiful.

Statement Fireplaces for Warmth and Beauty

No matter how big your living room, a 21st Century statement fireplace is an excellent way of bringing your eyes to a central focal point. The natural beauty of fire will give home a feeling of cosiness, as well as providing essential heating in winter. If you are decorating your living room in a vintage style, then a classic Shaker stove, in black steel will fit in beautifully, with an understated elegance. For more modern interior designed rooms, you may want to consider a double glass fireplace – this can be put centrally into your living space, or added to walls and even kitchen islands.

Open Floor Plans and Spaciousness

Open plan homes are one of the key features in 21st Century interior design. We are looking to remove narrow corridors, and other areas of unused space, that essentially just link one room with the next. Open plan design helps us to create a feeling of spaciousness, no matter what size home you live in. You can utilise every inch of available space and create a classic and beautiful living environment. Without walls and boundaries to confine us in the home, everyone is brought together, and there is more interaction with friends and family.

The other key feature of an open plan home is the feeling of light and airiness. The lack of interior walls allows natural sunlight to flood through the home, no matter which direction the outlook is in. Glass ceilings and large windows can also help emphasise the grand feeling of space.

Home design for the 21st Century incorporates classic features with practicality. With excellent planning, we can create a beautiful, free-flowing space that is a pleasure to live in.


Written by Cassandra Starkey – Guest Writer

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