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How Safe Is It To Install Glass Railings On The Staircase, Deck, and Balcony?

Home decoration or renovation with glass railings is a beautiful way to add class, value, and luxury to the property. A stunning addition of glass railings to the balcony, staircase, and deck is not only safe, but it also adds beauty and worth to the home. Unfortunately, there is some misconception; its instalment at living places is not safe. However, the fact is that there is no danger associated with installing these railings and there are no safety concerns.


Enhancing the beauty and safety of the house by using glass railings

They are sophisticated, elegant, and are incredibly durable and require low maintenance. Either you want to upgrade the house with an indoor glass staircase or you want to enhance the looks and safety of the home, these amazing railings can best serve the purpose. 


Why is it useful when the cable or wooden railings are widespread?

The process of installing them is very safe as compared to the cable and wooden railings. The process of installing the railings is comparatively safe and the fasteners are tightly attached to the building, the frame material to be attached is either of concrete or wood, these railings are providing a safer and stronger connection.

  • They offer shatter-resistance and will break into small and harmless pieces

The glass used for making these railings is tempered glass, and its strength is 4 times more than the strength of regular glass. In addition to this, there are no issues for the shattering of tempered glass into sharp pieces. Even if their mishap, the tempered glass will be breaking into relatively harmless and small pieces. Installing railings is perfect in every aspect and owners can significantly increase the value and safety of their property. 

  • They offer more security and protection

They are the most cost-effective as compared to the wooden railings and cable railings. The elegance, security, safety, and value offered by these railings are of worth and are a perfect solution to monitor the visitors, wards, and outdoor activities. Due to high strength, these railings offer good resistance against theft activities, whereas, wooden railings and cable railings can be easily broken. So, they provide ultimate security to valuable homes. 

Having such railings at home is an ultimate win-win condition that everyone should have in the house and offices. Compared to cable and wooden railings use of glass railing is a secure and safe option, as it needs only little maintenance along with offering wonderful looks to the living places. 

The glass rails do not affect privacy but are a significant option to maintain your absolute privacy, as these railings are available in various options such as frosted or coloured glass rails.


Is it Safe to Install them at Home Where Kids Live?

These are not provided with openings or slats, so the pets and children can’t stick their arm, leg, or body parts in these railings. The space between the support and glass is so small that children cannot cause any harm to themselves by such railings.

  • No deterioration

Climbing on them is difficult for the children and additionally, there are no places where children can stick their heads and feet, and it also prevents the falling of children from stairs. Another important thing is that these railings never decay or rot, so there are no fallen elements that can be accidentally eaten by children. Wooden railings are decayed after sometimes and some elements are released from them that are harmful to the children. 

  • No risk of injuries

Sometimes, children love to jump on the staircase’s decks, and balconies, but such railings are highly durable and there is no risk of falling on the children. Even, they allow easy movement of people of any size and weight.

  • Secure tightening and fastening

Stainless steel fasteners are used for the glass railings, so there are no issues about losing the structural integrity and it can be easily managed. They are made up of tempered glass that is strong and sturdy and there is no need to worry about breakage. 

These railings are available in a wide range of tinted panels of glass and people can choose among various colours of vinyl components. Installation processes are much more convenient for the staircase, balconies, and decks, and the wonderful outside view can be enjoyed from home.


Some Misconception Associated with These Railings

There are many perfect reasons to buy and use them for your home. Although there are many misconceptions about the instalment of such railings, they are not true. They are extremely safe, durable, easy to install and maintain. The maintenance of glass railings is much easier, but if it is properly done. It is a fact that management of everything needs efforts, but minimal maintenance is required for the management.

  • Misconception 1: Difficulty in keeping neat and clean

In fact, there is no need to invest in the fancy tools to keep the railings neat and clean. Simply, it can be cleaned by using any good quality glass cleaner with a newspaper, cloth, or towel. Spraying it on the railings and wiping in the circular motion will not cause any kind of scratches on these railing.

  • Misconception 2: Huge maintenance and low resistance against climatic conditions

Generally, you may have heard that it is not easy to maintain such railings functional, but it is not true. In fact, the reality is that these railings can be easily maintained for having same functionality as first day use by using the sponge. Homes with pets and children require more maintenance and as compared to the other railings, the glass railings are almost maintenance-free. These railings can be used in any area under any climatic conditions and will not even be ruined by the weather extremities.

  • Misconception 3: Looks awkward and spoil beautification

There is an uncertainty that these railings may not look beautiful, but in a real glass, railings are available in a variety of designs and ranges and they offer lavish looks to the home. The uninterrupted view and clean lines offer stunning finished glass products.


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