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In Search of a Project Space – Phipps / Albion Brewery

I have recently been on another search for a building and space to use for my final major project at University. This is Phipps Brewery in Northampton. I have visited this building before where I had a tour of the inside of the building.

Reflecting on the visit where I could see the interior space, this would make an ideal space for my final major project and fits with my idea.

What I like about the building…

  • I really like the design of the architecture of the building.
  • I think that the interior space is suitable for what I would like to achieve.
  • There is a reasonable amount of space to work with as I like working with large spaces.
  • There may be an option to add an interesting extension to the building.
  • It is in a great location near the centre of town and the Cultural Quarter with great transport links which would further support my idea.

This is my favourite building choice in the centre of town as I think I could achieve something interesting with it. My other favourite building is Saint Crispins Asylum which is on the edge of town, but still with great benefits.

So… What would I like to use the building for?

My first idea is for a luxury hotel that possibly includes a spa, restaurants and retail areas. I would use luxurious materials, however I would also like to consider sustainability where possible. This is my another of my preferred choices at the moment.

My second idea is for a space that improves well being and healthy living that could consist of relaxation spaces, leisure activities, group activities, restaurants that inspire healthy eating and maybe a spa area. I would like to consider sustainability throughout.

My third idea is by far my favourite, for a creative business and hospitality hub / centre that has a creative workplace, hospitality and leisure facilities such as retail, overnight accommodation, restaurants, bars and a gym. This building would provide enough space to do this on a reasonable scale with the added benefit of being in a great location in the centre of town, close to retail, restaurants, bars, offices and transport links.

My general ideas are applicable regardless of whether I end up using this building. I love this building and at the moment, this for me is almost where my ideas work best and it is big enough to include all that I want to. However, this is the building that I think I am most likely to work with for my project as I really like the building and it is in an ideal location for what I have planned for the project and allows for extension and my programme etc. Also some of the other buildings that I have looked are outside of the ideal area specified by the University.

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