Inclusive Design

While designing the space and the layout, I have considered inclusive design. It is important that the site can be accessed by all including people with disabilities and wheel chair users. I have achieved this in many ways. Firstly, I have flattened out the courtyard area in the centre of the stables creating an even surface for people to move around on making the courtyard safer and usable for all.

I have considered ergonomics and ensured that there is enough distance between everything placed within the space for everyone to move around easily and safely. Ergonomics have been considered both in the work areas and in the more public accessible spaces.

The bar area has wheelchair accessible toilet facilities that can be used by all using the bar or visiting the site. Additionally, in the industrial area, as well as regular toilets, there is another wheelchair accessible toilet that can be used by workers or visitors can use when taking tours or having engagement experiences.

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