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Innovation Centre – FMP Research

I have done some research into the University of Northampton Innovation Centre which is a part of the Waterside Enterprise Zone. I have looked at this for my FMP as my project is to design a business and hospitality hub and the whole Waterside Enterprise Zone along with the Innovation Centre supports my proposal really well as it is all about supporting businesses to allow them to grow and flourish. The Innovation Centre was one of the first completed projects within the Waterside Enterprise Zone.

(Innovation Centre Image – Northampton Borough Council)

“The University of Northampton Innovation Centre will be the ideal location for new and existing social enterprises in Northamptonshire. Supported by the expertise and resources of the University of Northampton, the Centre will be the place to be for those social ventures seeking to transform service delivery and deliver social impact, value and change.”

(Professor Simon Denny, Director of Enterprise, Development and Social Impact, University of Northampton).

The Socially Responsible Place to do Business

“The University of Northampton Innovation Centre is a flagship building for the Northampton Enterprise Zone. With 42 flexible office units, a café and conference space, the centre offers the opportunity to grow your social enterprise in a supportive environment alongside like-minded businesses.”

Practical Solution to Suit any Requirements

“With flexible office units in a range of sizes, the University of Northampton Innovation Centre offers a practical solution to suit any requirements.”

Space to Work

“The University of Northampton Innovation Centre has a range of office sizes to meet the needs of your business. If you can’t see your office requirements, then contact us for a bespoke solution.”

Social Enterprise

“Social enterprises are businesses animated by a social purpose. They deliver social benefits and tackle difficult social problems in an enterprising way.”

The PDF file for the above images is available from:

Services and Facilities

The Innovation Centre provides some really useful facilities for businesses including:

  • Business rate relief
  • Central location
  • Flexible and affordable office space
  • Conference and meeting facilities
  • IT infrastructure
  • Specialist support
  • Utilities
  • Communal areas
  • Car parking
  • Reception services
  • Cafe
  • Showers
  • Kitchen


(Innovation Centre Image – Northampton Borough Council)


As with the rest of the Waterside Enterprise Zone, the Innovation Centre will work well with my project site and proposal of a creative business and hospitality hub / centre as the Albion site is right on the edge of the enterprise zone where a lot of business people will be located.

Detailed information in my words and how it supports my project and proposal will be available in my technical feasibility report which will be published on my blog after submission to avoid me plagiarising myself.

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