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Interior Design Purchases

As an interior design student, you are going to end up wanting good looking pieces for your home even if they don’t quite fit with your accommodation. I have made a couple of purchases from the Banbury Antique Centre which would probably fit more with a stately home, but I liked them, so I was having them anyway.

Antique Mirror

This is the antique mirror that I bought from Banbury Antiques Centre. It is around 100 years old and is very heavy made from cast metal with what appear to be brass. I though that it looked very unusual, unique and decorative.

I like to own unique items in my interior to achieve a look that no one else has so I can have my own unique style. This is the most unusual decorative item that I own. In a way it reminds me of art nouveau meets baroque meets rococo. I like all of the animals and floral detail that surrounds the mirror.

I am not sure about its exact origins, but it is something that I will be doing some research into. This will hopefully be the first of many items that will be in my collection.

Candle Holders

These are my new marble and plaster candle holders that I have bought from Banbury Antiques Centre. I have had my eye on these for a while and I finally have them. They are extremely heavy and very large, probably too big for my home a the moment. However I like unique and unusual things that not many people will have.

This seems to be my favourite shop at the moment for buying unique items. And these candle holders look amazing on my fireplace. I really like the very ornate style of them.

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