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Ixi’im Restaurant, Mexico – Part 1 – Glass Extension / Insertion

I have been researching buildings that have had a glass extension added to them as I am considering using glass as a material for the extension of my building, (maybe combined with other materials). I would like to add a possibly a more modern extension to it, so it was important to look at what other architects have produced. I intend to look at a few buildings to see different architectural examples and implementations of glass additions and extensions.

“Metal beams frame restaurant inserted inside old Mexican textile factory”



“Detached buildings that make up the complex encircle a verdant plaza.”



Mexican architect studios Jorge Bolio Arquitectura, Central de Proyectos SCP, Lavalle+Peniche and Mauricio Gallegos collaborated on this project to restore a derelict engine room / textile factory ruin in Chocholá, Yucatan, Mexico, adding a contemporary modern dining lounge to an old ruin using steel beams and glass.

“The architects aimed to convert the structure into a portal to the landscape and history of the complex.”



The renovation was constructed around a steel skeleton that was inserted into the old structure, transforming the crumbling walls of the ruins into partitions. The Ixi’im Restaurant has excellent views of the courtyard due to its large glazed facade which lets quite a lot of natural light into the space.

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I really like this architecture project as I like the idea of glass to flood parts of my chosen building with as much natural light as possible, however I do not want the building to overheat as my extension will be south facing. Therefore, I will need to look at other materials to use in combination with the glass. I also like how the glass extension is also an insertion that connects the detached ruins together and the difference between the old and new materials. I am thinking, could I possibly remove the left part of my front facade on my building and make it glass, I will explore this more through some sketches of different extensions and insertions.

I have held off on the interior images for a moment as I would like to show them in another post as a potential precedent for the interior of my bar or restaurant design. Another post will follow in a few days.

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