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Ixi’im Restaurant, Mexico – Part 2 – FMP Precedent

The Ixi’im Restaurant was designed collaboratively by Mexican architect studios Jorge Bolio Arquitectura, Central de Proyectos SCP, Lavalle+Peniche and Mauricio Gallegos. The renovation was constructed around a steel skeleton that was inserted into the old structure, transforming the crumbling walls of the ruins into partitions. The architects used the segmented style layout to create a series of different spaces that cater to the requirements of different leisure activities. There is an atrium containing a bar with two rooms of seating used for private engagements.

Then the hallway moves to a covered modern glass extension containing the kitchen and restaurant area. The materials used, such as the wooden ceiling panels and the tiled floors add additional contrast to the old ruin walls and the modern glass.

The glazing that has been set into the steel frame allows for views over the courtyard which is framed by old arches. The designers also added floor to ceiling glass to hold shelves to display one of Mexico’s largest craft-liquor collections.

“The architects organised the building’s programme as a journey, so the contemporary alterations made become more prevalent as the visitor progresses through the restaurant.” (Dezeen).

“The spatial sequence allows to transit between the site periods, finishing in the contemporary addition, whose physical and visual integration with the main square and its components closes a cycle of respect and belonging,” (Architects).

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My Thoughts and Why I have chosen it as a Precedent?

Material Contrast – The Ixi’im Restaurant uses a combination of the existing old ruin materials and contemporary materials such as glass, tiles and metals in the interior design of the space. And the space is just stunning. I would like elements of this through my design, mixing some of the existing Victorian materials with some more modern materials like glass, metal, tiles, fabrics, wood etc. This is a good precedent for my hospitality areas such as the bar and the restaurant. Especially the restaurant that has views through glass over Northampton.

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